Within 10 minutes Ride of
Pai Bus Station


from PAI BUS Station

Prilpai Map

from PAI BUS Station

1.Take a left out of Pai Bus Station.
2.Take a right at the Rimpai Cottage.
3.Take a left at the Pool bar.
4. Keep going straight until you come to the Banyan Center
5. Take a right at the Banyan Center
6.We are left at the street from the Banyan Center

How to Get to Pril Pai Guesthouse

This fee is just an example.
1. Taxi from Bus Station 10 min./100THB
2.Rent a Scooter to ride to the Pril Pai Guesthouse 10 min.
(Scooter for Rent 100-150THB/24hr.)
3.Shuttle service from Bus Station.
(24 hours advance notice.)

18 moo.5 Maehee, Pai, Thailand 58130